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Sailing Lessons

Life at sea and in a boat is something all we dream off, yet is a bit different than an usual life routine. Whether you know about sailing or a new-be, you better learn and have an idea about sailing. 

Some but not all, of the subjects we can cover during your stay aboard can be listed as; 

  • Introducing the boat and safety rules.

  • Introducing fixed and running rigging on the boat.

  • Basic seamanship terms and knots.

  • Preparing the boat for sea.

  • Leaving/coming into port.

  • Maneuvering with engine, steering technics.

  • Anchoring, coming stern to, coming alongside.

  • Logic of sailing, hoisting and lowering the sails.

  • Basic sailing trims (Luff - Close/Broad Reach - Run).

  • Maneuvering under sail (Tacking & Gybing).

  • Reefing sails.

  • Introducing navigation, using chart & compass.

  • Basic VHF usage, communication rules.

  • International regulations preventing collusion at sea.


Kayra at training
Oymakas Family
Sailing Rope_edited.jpg
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