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Erol Akyiğit

Born in Adana, Akyiğit is a graduate of Private Darüşşafaka High School and Hacettepe University. He started his professional career at Gözen Air Services. He worked as the Ankara Airport Station Manager until 1997.

After his obligatory military service at the Turkish Air Forces, he carried out the responsibility of reporting, as well as supporting the reproduction and marketing of Microsoft OEM products in the Microsoft division of an Ankara based company.

At the beginning of 2001, he joined the international company SITA, which is organized in 220 countries, providing wide area network and application solutions to the aviation industry.

Participated in numerous vocational and career development courses during his active business life and gained experience in the international business world. Once he started "blue voyage holidays"  as a passenger,  with his increasing love and interest in the sea, he ended up at a sailing training program in Istanbul. Since 2007, together with his sailboat AVARA, he has settled on the Aegean coasts, leaving Istanbul and his 'white collar' business life. Since then, he has been organizing blue cruises and training trips for sea and sailing lovers.  


It is our pleasure to have you sail with us and to have left such a wonderful messages behind. The Boat's Journal still has some blank pages for new arrivals to fill in ;-) 

Sailing Lesson

Captain Erol,

Departing from Orhaniye last Saturday morning, you have treated us to a magnificent week's sailing in the Agean Sea. The quaint coves and bays, together with the small harbours, have certainly inspired me to revisit Turkey for more sailing in the future. We have had mostly good winds and as well as 'sight-seeing'. It has also been very useful to all of us to practice some much under-practised seaman skills. Great week, great sailing, great crew and a great captain.

Thank you.

Robert Hewitt, Staffordshire, England

Sailing Lesson

Dear Erol,

Thank you for being such a good humored and patient teacher. After 3 days we can't say we're good sailors but it is good to know the basics. And you have showed with us the beautiful coastline and -best of all- trip across to Simi and a wonderful sail back. Some of the highlights I will always remember: listening to Diane Krall & Antonio Forcione crossing to & from Simi, the beautiful blue water and the bay at Simi, stunning a fish with my first practice dives off the back of the boat. Erol- you have looked after us very well and judged what we can/will do. So it has been a memorable and very enjoyable three days.


Sailing Training

Dear Erol Captain,

For my first visit to Turkey it has been a brilliant trip and one I will remember for years to come. The weather, the sea, and the company were great. The heat and geography came as a surprise but when visiting the glorious bays and coves the surprise became greater and more appreciated. Your knowledge of the bays were second to none and this definitely allowed for some great experiences. The practical lessons I have learnt will definitely help me during my yacht masters next summer. The experiences I know I can build on and improve. Thank you for the wonderful week.

Eddie Pountney, England

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