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Below is a list of the questions you asked most often. If your query was not addressed, please get in touch with us.​
Is any airport transfer service available?

We do not have a direct service, but can provide you necessary contacts for you to set up one.

What should we do about food and drinks on the boat?

Almost all of the cooking equipment is on board. This includes the oven and microwave. Before getting on board you can shop according to time you'll spend on boat. Our team will assist you in calculating the amount. Choose simple meals such as pasta, rice, grill, salad, etc. This will save you time and keep you from ruining your holiday. The rule of thumb when planning a sailing vacation is to buy half of the food and twice the drinks. 

Are there restaurants at places we stay overnight?

There are beautiful restaurants in the bays of Marmaris, Hisarönü and Göcek. It's your choice to dine on board at a deserted bay or moor at a small restaurant jetty.

What is the frequency of boat cleaning?

Every time a boat is checked out, it is disinfected and its linings are replaced with fresh ones.  It is your responsibility to clean the kitchen and cabins during your stay.

Are there markets around for supply shopping before we get aboard? 

There are markets around pick up points and in marinas. 

Do we have a chance to shop at sea?

In Göcek area there are floating markets sailing around. But Marmaris and Hisarönü Bays you can find only small boats selling fruits, bread etc. As a result, it is better not to rely on them. 

I've never sailed before. Should I be concerned about sea sickness?

Depends on weather and sea conditions. But please note even experienced sailors could happen to be sea sick.  We have some  medicine on board which could help you in case you need to. 

What is the maximum capacity of your boat?

We have a master cabin with a large bed for 2 people and private WC/Shower. 1 couch in the saloon can be converted to a bed. So we accept max 3 people. 

Can you do the shopping before we arrive?

Unfortunately we can not, as each and every guest has different requirements. However, we would be happy to assist you on your arrival as time permits. 

Where will we get on board?

We are flexible for pick-up and drop  points. It will be planned according to your preferences and communicated to you before you arrive.

What is the minimum period we can rent the boat?

It all depends on availability. You may book for 1 single day, or a full week. Pricing will be done according to your request.  

What experience should I have to get aboard a sailboat?

As the boat skippered by the captain, you do not really need any prior experience. However, for basic safety and security needs, please pay attention to your skipper's advice and basic training drills. 

How can we make the deposit payment?

You can transfer the reservation fee via bank account,, wisetransfer.  Rest can be paid cash on your arrival. 

Is fuel included in the prices?

Up tp 30 liters (max 10hours of motor sailing) is included. For longer periods you will need to pay the fuel. If you are lucky and we make use of the wind, there will be zero fuel cost ;-)

Do the restaurants in the bays have paid piers?

Piers at restaurants are usually free. You are expected to dine at restaurants in exchange for the tethering service. In Göcek and Marmaris bays, there are a few paid restaurant piers.

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